God speaks directly to you through His word!

Journee Thru Healing classes are safe,confidential, compassionate, caring, intimate and non-judgmental.  Your class participation and homework are vital to your healing.

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Our 12-week bible-study small group offer 2-hour
sessions once a week and are scripturally-based.

Journee Thru Healing classes are safe,confidential, compassionate,
caring, intimate and non-judgmental. Your class participation and homework are vital to your healing.

Journee Thru Healing Retreat – April 1 – 3, 2022

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Who I Am

Lisa Ridgeway is a confirmed woman of many “hats” and responsibilities. In additional to being the forewoman for Journee Thru Healing she’s also authoress, motivational-speaker and counselor. Additionally, she’s written a litany of poems and devotionals. In conjunction to penning an mixture of spiritual greeting cards and bookmarks, for every occasion.

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My voice was stolen and silenced as a child. Throughout adulthood I had no voice
to speak my truth; I could not share my secret wounds with anyone. Fear, shame, guilt
and condemnation got a hold of me. It gripped, crippled and kept me in a
place of brokenness. Journey Thru Healing; along with God’s faithfulness
and love showed me in my brokenness I was courageous, victorious and strong.
Through this amazing 12-week group, I broke-free from the chains that had me
bound and stole my voice. I did the work I desperately needed to do so I could
regain my freedom and reclaimed my voice to speak again.
I can now speak the truth; my truth and say…I am healed!
I am whole! I am restored! Most of all I am free!

~Chafane, Journee Thru Healing Participant

My problems were revealed and resolved through God’s scripture throughout my Journey Thru
Healing experience. Using the bible-study workbook; in addition to the groups’ sharing, I received relevation and began to see things clearer.I learned how very important it’s to speak,
watch and be more mindful of things you do around your held/children. In group; I discovered how bad-choices and decision-making of parents (including mine) affects their children. It can and will have a devastating effect on a child/children. The roll-play(I did) with my ex-husband
gave me more insight on how some men really are. Still, I will continue to pray for him; that God will change him and he will see the error of his ways. The roll-play (I did) with myself really impacted me and showed me why, I am the way I am. No longer will I take the blame for anyone including my siblings. I know now, I do matter and I am worthy of Love. The tools I took with me from Journey Thru Healing are: God will always come first, no matter the circumstance or situation. I will go to God with all my problems and worries in prayer. I will live for the future
and no longer hold onto or live in my past. I will continue to work on my current vision-board; and will continue to do new ones as well.

~ Elva, Journee Thru Healing Participant

I started on this journey with a huge wall blocking my healing. I had so
many unanswered questions that flooded out of me during the process of
healing. At first; the homework was almost impossible to complete due to those
things which tried to block my healing. Still, I pushed through and completed it.
This class help me heal sexually from a wound I had since, I was a little girl. Journey Thru Healing also gave me the opportunity to meet some wonderful, beautiful women whom I will stay connected with, for a lifetime. Journey Thru Healing opened doors
for additional healing in my life; and I’m truly grateful to Lisa and Eleen for their personal
guidance and support, during this healing-season of my life. What stood out most for me
was the role plays, which allowed me to open up to my mom and dad about things I was
unable to say to them. If I could have asked for anything more out of the class, it would
be a longer amount of time. I honestly feel like I just started to really embrace my
healing; still, I haven’t fully reached the finish-line in certain areas. I am so happy Journey Thru Healing Bible-study class, was available to us; and I hope to volunteer my services back to the ministry one day!

Thank you all again.

~Alicia, Journee Thru Healing Participant

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