About Us

We recognize there’s a stigma of shame, guilt, hurt, pain and long-suffering attached to life’s trauma which can set-up residence, deep within.Throughout time; it festers and grow like a cancerous-sore infecting the mind, body, spirit and soul. It can also stagnate and consume one’s existence. If allowed; it will manifest and contaminate other areas of your life as well. Thus holding you back from moving forward.

Listed below are some of the things we explore throughout our 12-week/bible-study groups:

Abuse: (sexual-molestation, incest, rape, emotional/mental,physical, verbal &financial).
Addictions: (sex, alcohol, drugs, food, shopping).
Pregnancy-losses: (abortion, miscarriage and still-births). Sexual-disconnect, low self-esteem, depression and Suicidal-thoughts; Isolation and fear.

Our Mission

Journee thru Healing is a Ministry which provides a safe place for spiritual-healing and deliverance through the word of God; to women who are in search of releasing sexual-trauma, emotional-scares and wounds from past and present incidents.

Reflect What You Desire.

Ministry Lead


Lisa Ridgeway is a confirmed woman of many “hats” and responsibilities. In additional to being the forewoman for Journee Thru Healing she’s also authoress, motivational-speaker and counselor. Additionally, she’s written a litany of poems and devotionals. In conjunction to penning a mixture of spiritual greeting cards and bookmarks, for every occasion.

In 2012, Lisa joined No Longer Bound Abortion Recovery Ministry after going through intense recovery for herself.

In 2017 (while on a Spiritual-Retreat), the Holy-Spirit spoke to her and instructed her to start an Outreach-Ministry thus, Journee thru Healing was birthed.

“With much prayer; God’s power, presence and guidance Journee thru Healing began its first 12-week intense bible study in April, 2018. Since then it has evolved into what Lisa refers to as: The magnificence of God.”
Lisa’s motto is: Much prayer…much power. Little prayer…little power. No prayer…no power. PUSH…Pray Until Something Happens! And, if God brings you to it…He’s faithful and will see you through it! ~ Lisa Ridgeway, Journee Thru Healing

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