Purchase 66 and you may an alternative Point in time [ ]

Race out of Cato Neimoida [ ]

Within competition into the Clone Battles, Kol, Clay, and Katrina assisted in assisting the air forces above the combat-ripped Cato Neimoida. Bringing the challenge in proportions, Kol, close to some of his troops, battered several of the Separatists forces from vulture droids, if you are Clay and you will Katrina assaulted the fresh new dreadnaughts, fundamentally decline the fresh Separatists forces in dimensions, despite the fact that was recalled right back once the goal. Kol stated to your their return to Cato Neimoida, stating that it could have remaining a whole lot recommended that he previously over they the very first time he was towards globe, although the conflict had been happening for over per year.

Latest Acts and Guides to your Front lines (19 BBY) [ ]

Because the what can next feel known as the latest 12 months away from the fresh new Duplicate Conflicts, Kol started initially to mainly stay at the forehead, regarding hopes of relaxing himself off immediately following that have multiple romantic drops on the dark front side, after the their reencounters which have Darth Xylonic, and lots of most other rouge Sith Warriors, just who stayed in the world out-of Umbara. Because of Kol’s recent arms from the their predecessor, Kol’s identity started to dramatically modifying, and you may is actually not the latest clam Jedi the guy used to end up being, and you will began let you know a more significant side of himself, therefore even appearing lees regard for several benefits of one’s Council, except Shaak Ti. Including, Kol’s electricity had improved adequate, to even transform Darth Sidious himself. Along with other deeds, Kol had been and work out irresponsible, and you can consequential actions during the leading outlines, ergo where caused several loss to your Republics soldiers. Having been scolded by the Jedi Council once or twice, however, Kol’s troopers still known him and you may forgave your as he shed several of the brothers, realizing that the stress of your own combat are building into the him, and his numerous near-slip activities. Kol in addition to battled several times to store their conscience straight, as he struggled about how to remain calm, actually keeping their mind sane.

Prelude to invest in 66 [ ]

Whenever Purchase 66 is actually approved, Kol started using it if you are getting to your Felucia regarding clones into the their squad whom received the transaction. Feeling the fresh new fatalities of a lot Jedi Padawans, Knights and you may Advantages, he visited face brand new clones along with his lightsabers already ignited, in which his troopers aroused him and you will fired, however, the guy deflected all blast destroying every one of them. Feeling you to definitely Ahsoka was at danger, the guy went so you’re able to this lady. Abreast of coming in, he saw Ahsoka aside numbered because of the clones and you can unable to deviate the latest blasts. He found its way to big date

Next Skirmish into Mustafar [ ]

arrive, to possess a beneficial “‘meeting”. Kol was unaware of the brand new duel ranging from Anakin and you may Obi-Wan and that occurred just before their coming to your firey entire world. That have refuted help from Aria, and you may Ahsoka, Kol visited Mustafar where he had been confronted with a common face. On appointment new contour, Kol approved it absolutely was Fio, unknown so you’re able to Kol themselves, Fio had been the person who perpetrated their mothers death. Disgusted by using it Kol faced Fio into the why the guy registered the fresh new black top, where in actuality the conflict perform belong to a life threatening duel. During the duel, both talked rubbish to each other if you find yourself Fio consistently spoke trash and exactly how Acquisition 66 was a sensational procedure. Upgrading new unpredictable mining cutting-edge to the Mustafar. Since duel intensified new exploration towers started to failure because of Kol’s power proving is actually enormous hatred getting Fio who betrayed his household members years prior to. Even though

fueled by outrage, Kol remaining his peaceful and stayed on light side, having fun with his results in the brand new light in addition to ebony so you’re able to without difficulty catch Fio from shield. Yet not Fio do quickly restrict and you may incapacitate Kol because of the reducing from part of their prosthetic case, hence leftover him incapable of fight. On the floor, Kol took his missing prosthetic case, enjoying it actually was with no hands. While the Fio ready to strike the final strike, Kol used the Push to activiate their lightsaber which was to the their severed prosthetic right-hand. Then removed it, hence stabbing your from abdomen about right back , next utilized their next knife stabbing your through the chest, killing Fio instantaneously. siti incontri kink Breathing heavily immediately following a long serious duel, Kol retrieved his blades and you will returned to the new ship. Then fixed his prosthetic case.