Rating every clone trooper, naval captain, every one and you will return to Coruscant”

-Kol telling Master Fixz to acquire each clone staff representative outside of the cruiser into the attack of Venator classification cruiser accomplished by General Grievous

This new alert upcoming concluded

After the following duel together with aunt, Kol are temporarily stationed within the a great Starship cruiser to store check out the arriving Separatist fleets. There were current initiatives carried out by this new Separatists, but missing in some matches within the order off Rex,

When you look at the alert Kol awoke, to your eyes out of his Jedi nearest and dearest

Anakin, Ahsoka and you may Obi-Wan Kenobi in several planets within galaxy. Although not one day, an intrusion to your Kol’s ship turned out to be effective. Whenever you are checking up to Kol’s fleet is actually believe it or not attacked from the a beneficial Separatist fleet in demand of the dreadful General Grievous. Buying every clone about about three cruisers so you’re able to evacuate, Kol made a decision to face the overall alone, and you may just who did therefore. Every clone were able to refrain over time, and you can went to Coruscant such as for instance Kol got coached them to manage. Immediately following their cruiser try empty, Kol went around they, meeting multiple droids looking to kill your, but was in fact shed quickly and easily often of the their lightsaber, otherwise Force performance. Reaching the base profile, Kol discovered Grievous for the first time ever before, as to first, he had no idea which he had been, up until the Standard introduced themselves. Abreast of inclusion, Grievous had been probably capture Kol’s blades away to include these to his line of his Jedi lightsabers, hence belonged in order to Jedi that he murdered. Seeing as it actually was often pass away or challenge, Kol interested the entire in the a beneficial lightsaber duel, so you’re able to locations to his shock, Grievous are wielding five lightsabers at the same time.

Inside the duel Kol demonstrated epic event and being capable stand against four lightsabers at the same time, however, Kol wouldn’t arise winning due to a beneficial interference from a great MagnaGuard, who regarding trailing zapped your which have a Electrostaff decline him. Kol, nevertheless constantly put lightsaber symptoms during the Grievous to only talk with persisted zaps by the guard, to the level in which it totally poor him. After, the duel is over by one to, Grievous grabbed Kol by mouth and you may told your which he would be an incredibly worthwhile hostage. At the same time, into the Coruscant each and every duplicate turned up securely, nonetheless they surprised several Jedi Experts in the Council once the including Anakin Skywalker and you will Ahsoka Tano. Up on arrival, the newest clones and you can Jedi during the temple discover good holo-indication from the Jedi Forehead correspondence center about General, talking which he has already beaten some other of its Jedi. Wanting to know into the exactly who it actually was, the overall reached aside their case to disclose an unconscious Kol, as the through to viewing which, new Jedi simply turned amazed to see that it was one of the youngest Jedi because plus certainly one of their most powerful. Grievous upcoming advised brand new Jedi that Kol are smart inside advising every single despicableclone trooper to get out of one’s cruisers and you will go to Coruscant because of it permit them to simply take command of every cruiser which had been below Kol’s manage, ergo made the latest Confedarcy more powerful. Ahsoka easily interrupted the overall stating they might conserve Kol, but Grievous rapidly mentioned about how prompt usually they come before https://datingranking.net/it/incontri-indu/ he his slain. Before sign ended, the overall desired one of his Magna shields so you can torture Kol ahead of the Jedi, resulting in them discomfort, just like the only point they’d merely get a hold of and you can tune in to Kol shouting in pain. In the event Kol are an effective Zabrak, along with the ability to fighting physical soreness, the fresh torture of one’s personnel is actually a problems that he had never noticed inside the existence just before. Knowing what can happen into the loss of Kol, the new Jedi made a plan to panel this new now Separatist managed cruiser. Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, his padawan Ahsoka Tano, Jedi Learn Obi-wan Kenobi and you will Shaak Ti have been selected commit help save Kol which have Head Rex, Captain Fixz and you may Chief Cody.